NWRD Call to Action: NWRD is Looking for Members to Serve

Are you a current member with the NWRD (for at least two years) and would like to be a part of the NWRD Executive Committee?

Are you at least twenty-four (24) years of age?

Do you have a strong desire to get involved behind the scenes of the NWRD?

If so, then we need you!

To be considered you must:

  1. Be a naturalized person of at least twenty-four (24) years of age;
  2. Be a member in good standing with NWRD for at least two (2) consecutive years;
  3. Attend meetings, which shall include telephone conference calls, internet or computer e-mail conferences or other electronic methods allowing simultaneous communications between members. Regular meetings of the Committee shall be held at least three times each year or as otherwise determined by the Committee and may take place by teleconferencing if a majority of the Committee so agrees;
  4. Attend the annual meeting in person;
  5. Be available for a two year term.

Interested individuals should contact Janeen Mulligan at jmulligan@nwrassn.org for an NWRD Executive Committee application.

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