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repairThe National Windshield Repair Division (NWRD) of the Auto Glass Safety Council is recognized nationally and worldwide as a professional source of reliable information on the windshield repair industry.

NWRD membership puts you on the leading edge of timely information and gives you a strong influence in the industry. Your membership not only couples you with the dynamic leaders of the windshield repair industry, but with a voice in your destiny equal to any other member.

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What are the benefits of joining NWRD?

  • Three free certification exams per year;
  • Free subscription to the NWRD Newsletter;
  • Repair of laminated glass training and repair certification;
  • National health insurance discounts;
  • Subscription to Auto Glass Repair & Replacement (AGRR™) magazine;
  • Better communication with and education of insurance companies;
  • Networking;
  • Unified voice on a national and state level for your industry;
  • Free national listing on the NWRD website for referrals;
  • Exclusive use of NWRD marketing aids for members only; and
  • Access to NWRD Windshield Savers.